Q35Y Series CNC Hydraulic Ironworker Machine for Sale

Delivery Time: 20 days after deposit confirmed
Pay Term: T/T, L/C
Warranty: 13 Months
Q35Y series industrial-grade combined punching and shearing machine featuring multiple functions, including:
round hole, square hole, oblong hole punching; steel plate, flat bar, angle steel, C-channel,
H-beam punching; steel plate bending; angle steel shearing, notching and bending; flat,
round, square bar, C-channel, I-beam, T-bar shearing/cutting; angle bending and pipe notching. 

hydraulic combined punching and shearing machinehydraulic punching and shearing machine

ironworker machine for sale punching and shearing machine
Punching                                                           Notching
Sanxin can provide different size of                       Position ruler on the worktable can help
punched and dies are available,                              customer to get different sizes slots
customers can also choose different types

metal punching and shearing machine ironworker machine price
Angle Cutting                                                  Flat Cutting
Machine can cut any size of angle steel                 Positioning ruler on the worktable can control 
whose length is smaller than its Max.                    the cutting shape and cutting length with higher
Capacity Hydraulic angle steel fixing                    accuracy. Machine can cut small flat sheets, 
device is optional                                                    this function can be used as shearing machine.

small ironworker machine ironworker tooling
Channel Cutting                                             Bending (Optional)
The quantity and size of the channel steel             Bending function shares the same position with
holes can be customized according to                    punching function. It can bend same work 
customers’ requirement. It share the same             pieces into different angles or shapes, it can be
working position with round and square                used as a small press brake machine.
cutting function