sheet metal guillotine shearing machine with E21 CNC hydraulic QC11K

Machine shearing is very easy to operate; the backgauge is motorized adjustable;
Adjustable the gap between blades is portable and prompt
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sheet metal guillotine shearing machine with E21 CNC hydraulic QC11K
CNC Shearing machine
SXZG shear cutting machine is the fruit of a project resulting in our bringing together 'Made in China' creativity, design and innovation with all the reliability of the best Chinese and European component range. The result is a perfect mix of avant-garde and efficient technology, guarantee of an extremely solid machine, precise with its cuts and of extremely high quality. Shearing machine is available with a broad series of standard equipment but it is possible, at any moment, to add optional equipment according to requirement.
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The robust monolithic structure is a guarantee of great stability and precision of cut. Even the design is perfected according to criteria of max. functionality and efficiency, such as to reduce maintenance and operator interventions to the min.. iron shear machine is equipped with cylinders which press on the metal sheet with an automatically regulate-able pressure which varies according to the pressure required by the thickness and consistency of the material to be cut.
qc12k shearing machine aluminum shearing machine 
Safety device
Power off after opening in sheet shearing machine
Pneumatic support
in shear cuts

stainless steel shearing machine  steel plate shearing machine 
Safety device in back door
Power off when approaching in metal sheet cutting machine
Safety device in back iron plate(without door)
Power off when approaching

shear cutting machine machine shearing
Laser Line
Ensure cutting effect for hydraulic shear
Electric cabinet
Schneider Electric Components
High quality electric parts can perform well even the electricity is not stable and customers can easily get the replacement anywhere in the word

qc12k shearing machine  swing shearing machine 
E21S Controller System
Estun E21s depending on the type of material and the thickness to be cut, automatically adjusts the backgauge and the length of cut.
Customizable for metal shear cutter
 Components for steel plate shearing machine

sheet metal guillotine shear
 Parameter for aluminum shearing machine

sheet metal shear and brake