SX-PGNK-CNC Hydraulic Metal Sheet V Grooving Machine

Advantages: conventional machine is clamps hold the sheet metal moving over the working table, so the sheet surface is very easy to be scratched.
Now this machine’s biggest advantage is sheet metal fixed, has no relative motion. the work piece is protect
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Horizontal V Grooving Machine

Main Features:
1.Streamline Design originated from EU, beam and frame through overall welding and annealing treatment to eliminate stress, good rigidity, high accuracy, long term use without deformation.
2.Frame through import 3 dimensional machine center,1 time clamping processing,ensure the parallelism of the installation surface and vertical.
3.With 4 control axes, hydraulic hold-down device, the gantry and tool holder make round-trip move together when working.
4.Use ball screw & roller heavy-duty guide rail, D1N6-grade precision helical gear, planetary reducer: balance, accurate
5.CNC open controller, supporting full-automatic operation, 4-blades can run simultaneously significantly improves the grooving efficiency.
6.Equipped with automatic lubrication system: low wear, fine processing, ensuring machining accuracy and high dynamic response characteristics.
7.V-grooving machine using 4 knife processing "V" slot, so the cutting amount is uniform distribution, reducing the deformation of the work piece. And optional micro-cooling system to extend the life of the tool ,reduce production costs.
8.The beam of the V-grooving machine is using the Tin bronze helical gears , 45 steel forgings quenched and arranged helical gears and QH silent rail drive, moving speed adjustable frequency, cutting process is smooth and efficient.
9.The Knife holder of the V-grooving machine is retains the SFSR quiet ball screw and the QR roller reloading linear guide, so the accuracy is high.
10.Adopt Taiwan industrial-control controller and Japan closed-loop servo system: easy, flexible, fast, efficient and low noise.