SXL-1390 2KW CNC Gold Aluminum Laser Cutting Machine Metal

laser metal cutting machine 500w adopting imported guiding mechanism and servo motor, has high precision. Air can be used to cut various metal sheet.
With advance technology and rich experience, our SXZG brand machine laser cutting continue to be leaders
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Features of China Laser Cutting Machine
1.Ultra-low cost, lasers consume only 0.5-3 degrees per hour; Air can be used to cut various metal sheets.
2. Imported original laser generator, stable performance, the service life is up to more than 100 thousand hours.
3. Our fiber laser cutting machine metal has high speed, high efficiency, the speed for thin plate can up to tens of meters per minute
4. Maintenance-free laser.
5. Cutting edge quality is good deformation is small, appearance is smooth and beautiful.
6. Adopting imported guiding mechanism and servo motor, the cutting precision is high.
7. Mini metal laser cutting machine can design various graphics or characters at any time, and it is easy to cut and operate.
8. Intelligent automatic oiling device greatly improves the service life of transmis-sion parts.
9. The guide ralls and teeth are calibrated with a precision collimator, and accuracy is +-0.01.
10. Using the Japanese intelligent gas group design, can automatically adjust pressure, automatic ventilation, pressure detection.
11. The perfect laser cutting machine is tempered at high temperature, the internal stress is eliminated with the furnace cooling, 
and the imported gantry milling finishing, ensure normal use of 20 years without deformation.

2KW Laser Cutting Machine
Main Components of Fibre Laser Cutting Machine
laser cutting machine guangzhou

High compressive strength and high hardness,
Will not deformation in a life cycle and maintain accuracy for a long time

Linear Guide Rail
Strong and durable, small friction running resistance is small can effectively improve the working speed
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 laser cutting machine shenzhen

Laser Cutting Head
Single and double configuration flying light path design Unique optical structure design light path deviation is small stability direction regulation

Fiber Laser Power
High quality and work stable
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 laser cutting machine nigeria

Laser Generator (Optional)
The fiber laser generator adopts China Raycus laser, with stable performance, suitable for 24 hours continuous operation, meeting the requirements of large industrial production without interruption

Cast aluminum beam
better stability, higher strength, faster
 shenzhen laser cutting machine
 laser cutting machine made in germany

Japan Fuji Motor
High precision and high efficiency

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Cutting Thickness and Speed