WE67K-125T/3200 CT12 Steel Metal Sheet Bending Machine Price

SXZG frame bending machine with CT12 controller 3+1 Axis (X, Y1, Y2, C)
Delivery Time: 30 days after deposit confirmed;
Pay Term: 30%T/T in advance, 70%T/T before delivery;
Warranty: 13 months
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Advantages of Iron Machine Bending

1. Closed-Loop Electro-Hydraulic Servo Control Technology
2. Holland CT12 CNC Controller System
3. Germany Siemens Main Motor
Bosch-Rexroth Hydraulic System
France Schneider Electrics
France Fagor Grating Ruler Control Y1 and Y2 Axis (0.01mm)

7. Taiwan HIWIN Ball Screw and Linear Guide, X Axis up to 0.01mm
8. Mechanical Crowning System Managed By CT12 Controller
9. Germany EMB Oil Tube Connectors
10. SXZG Top & Bottom Tool Clamps

CT12 Controller Features
1. With servo motor, use CAN bus control. 
2. With HD colorful touch screen.
3. Support angle bending, system can calculate the bending depth automatically.
4. Support length bending, system can calculate the back gauge retraction distance automatically. 
5. Support bending angle correction.
6. Support bending length correction.
7. Slider position control, back gauge position control.
8. Support Retraction function, which can prevent the interference between material and back gauge device.
9. X\Y axis guide mode (With password protection).
10. Support manual movement function (Password protection).
11. Menu programming style.
12. Up to 220 programs can be saved, and each program can support up to 24 steps.
13. Support up to 60 punches.
14. Support up to 60 dies.
15. Support Software limit function.
16. Support off memory.

CNC Sheet Bending Machine

SXZG Series metal cutting and bending machine features the crowning system for improved quality, a servo driven back gauge system for increased speeds. Also has increased working speeds, stroke, daylight, and pressing capacities of machines. The future - as a result of rising energy costs and increasingly cost efficient speed-controlled drives offered on the market, variable-speed solutions are on the advance.
Mini bending machine is fully in accordance with European standards, high precision, high security.
 metal sheet bending machine  sheet bending machine price
EURO series one step beyond robustness, Engergy-efficient, reliability,precision and performance make Euro an election model.
Back of machine
steel sheet bending machine specification plate bending machine
Germany Siemens Motor
Using Siemens motors guarantee the machine service life and improve the machine working stability
Bosch Rexroth hydraulic Valve
Germany Bosch Rexroth integrated hydraulic transmission with high reliability, integrated hydraulic system can effectively alleviate problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid
bending machine 200t frame bending machine
Hiwin Ball Screw And Linear Guide Rall
Using Taiwan HIWIN Ball Screw and linear guider to improve the machine backgauge accurancy
Germany EMB tube
Using Germany EMB tube and connectors reduce the odds against welding slag jam into the valves and affect oil flowing
iron machine bending metal cutting and bending machine
Front Plate Support
Movable front material support on HIWIN linear guider, can move left and right by hand very easy.
Quick Clamp
It's very convenient to change the tools.
Mechanical Crowning
Optional electric mechanical crowning, improving the precision of bending angle and linearity, can be controlled by DA52S controller(C-Axis)
Optional Components
mini bending machine mini bending machine
Backgauge up and down
Optional Servo motor drive R Axis-Backgauge up and down
Main Motor Sevo Motor
Save electricity costs; Low noise; Low oil temperature, extend the life of the seal
bending machine manufacturer bending machine manufacturer
Italy DSP Laser protection
Optional Italy DSP laser protection, protecting the workers' fingers
Motorized Stopper Fingers Z1 and Z2
bending machine manufacturer bending machine manufacturer
Hydraulic Crowning
Optional hydraulic crowning, improving the precision of bending angle and linearity, can be controlled by CT12 controller
Optional Segment Die
Press brake segmented die are available for your choice