W11 steel plate rolling machine and electronic aluminium rolling machine

W11 rolling machine is suitable for thin and heavy plate, aluminum or stainless steel sheet rolling
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W11 steel plate rolling machine and electronic aluminium rolling machine
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W11 3-roller Mechanical Rolling Machine
The Structure style of plate rolling machine is 3 roller symmetrical. The top roller do the movement of elevation in the central position of the two bottom rolls. It is transmitted by screw nut and worm gear. Two bottom rolls are main drive rolls. They rotate by the meshing between the output gear of the gear box and the bottom roller and supply extended shaft for profile bending.
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The structure for the symmetric three-roll, the upper roll which do up and down movements is in the center of the two down rollers, landing exercise by the hydraulic cylinder piston in the rote of the hydraulic fluid botained for hydraulic transmission; the two down rolls for the next rotation.
Through the reducer output under the roller gear with the gear mesh for the provision of rolling plate torgue. The disadvantage is the plate with the other end of the pre-bending device.
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Hardened and rigid rolls by heat treatment for w11 rolling machine
3 roll bender steel plate rolling machine

Extended shaft for profile bending

Cone bending device in rolling machine manual
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Siemens electric parts

Movable control panel
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